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enters the winter, many running friends in big cities will experience this way: push the windows, enter the fairyland mode instantaneously, open a bag of potato chips, and breathe deeply into a long, fresh air.

, of course, has an official name, fog and haze.

"fog and haze" for everyone, I think it is not a strange word, a lot of people are talking about the haze color. But do you know what is the fog and haze? Want K.O fog haze, first have to start from the knowledge of fog and haze.

what is the fog and haze?

, first of all, to understand fog and haze is to separate fog from haze. Fog is a large aerosol system consisting of tiny droplets or ice crystals suspended in air, and haze is particles such as dust, sulfuric acid, nitric acid and organic hydrocarbons in the air.

when the two mixed together, will form a more enough thick haze.

in addition, must also be clear that we often mention PM2.5 and haze. PM represents inhalable particles, and PM2.5 is particles smaller than 2.5mm in diameter. Besides PM2.5, in haze, there are PM0.1, PM1, PM10... I will be waiting for you.
What are the hazards of
fog and haze?

haze has great harm to human life and health, and for the people running, in the running process, oxygen demand and accelerated respiration, easily will be a large number of harmful substances into the body, therefore, should be vigilant with the influence caused by the haze.

1, fog and haze can reduce the visibility of the environment, and to a certain extent increase the risk of injury to the outdoors trained runners.

2, particulate matter in haze will enter the respiratory tract and alveolus after entering the body, causing acute rhinitis, acute bronchitis, emphysema and other diseases, and even induce lung cancer.

3, the particle deposition in vivo may hinder the normal blood circulation, causing symptoms of angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases.

4, haze will lead to reduced UV near the ground, so that the infectious bacteria in the air of the activity is enhanced; in addition, with the air of respirable particulate matter increased, air flow becomes worse, harmful bacteria and viruses to spread around the slow virus concentration in the air will also increase. Therefore, the risk of infection of bacteria and viruses in outdoor sports will also increase dramatically.

5, haze days, weak light and low air pressure will also make people feel depressed and depressed, which will aggravate the state of mental depression and affect people's mental health.
How does
resist the haze?

fog mask mask

outdoor running, with the haze mask is the most direct and safe and effective way of protection, but the haze is not a few flashcards >

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