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I'll equip you to measure Li Ningchao light 13.

lead: I give you # equipment to measure # run by Sina to build the equipment control platform, has been committed to providing runners running equipment information, evaluation newestandglitziest etc., recruited a large number of distinct personality, professional evaluation, we also focus on the emerging power equipment development and evaluation. As long as you are serious, persistent and have enough ideas, we will equip you. The information submitted from Shaoxia, its humorous style attracted us, rich with pictures, and Lining shoes evaluation experience, let the success in the equipment evaluation.

time goes fast, but also to the 13 generation of ultra light running shoes listed moment, Shaoxia way, with Wu Yi, cooking, acrobatics, ventriloquist, War Within Three Kingdoms, Siguo, 331, 110 meter hurdles, three jump, standing jump, standing checkers, canoeing, liuniao etc....... All the way through, get two evaluation quota number, said to background, Lining and I still have a little friend, a few days ago I saw him on tv. The most important thing is to thank Sina for his assessment of the game.
The evaluation of the
running shoes is a very difficult thing, it is not good to become nonsense, so today let us sit together in this heap high side, listening to just pull the ultra light 13 generation egg shoes. Oh, no, that's the test!

this shoebox uses a different style of ancient wardrobe, classical, rich, highlighted the ultra light 13 generation running shoes and other running shoes unique. The intentions of the Li Ning Co from the remarkable shoebox design, the black box is actually somewhat low-key, in order to bring the box that bright and beautiful shoes. Shoe side, from the material, fabric and other aspects of the details of shoe information, concise and clear.

because there is no manufacturers received red envelopes, so get this pair of super light before thirteen, I did not know how is a pair of shoes, but shoes number, color, characteristics and so on are absolutely ignorant of the moment, but open the shoes, is absolutely stunning enough. It can be said that this is a pair of shoes, my feet most show no one, all upper fluorescent green, uniform color deep, both ancient and modern style Xingyi, is typical of the twenty-first Century classic

even super light thirteen of the material is enough Sao gas. Holding on to the hand, without feeling the weight, the real super light, the thirteen generation is clearly done.

you can see this kind of running shoes with a streamlined design, why is this so, because running means faster, higher and stronger the Olympic spirit is faster, from the same color, texture and structure of shoes, we have probably can see the basic mystery of this pair of shoes is. The main single 128G ultra light, breathable, youth, fashion, Lining everywhere reflects the good intentions of designers.

Li Ningchao light thirteen structure is not complicated, knitting, mono yarn, PTU, EVA and so on only a few. The front face needs enough

TPU in addition to the fixed ring heel, the double ZigEncore shoe body is very soft, the design of the upper traction combined with two period shoe design interesting, comfortable cotton boots in memory on the same collocation of soft and comfortable insoles, ZigNano make up more ground after stiff feeling, soft vamp in comfortable boots collocation, so that the package is very good, good sense of good performance brought by the package on the court is in doubt.


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