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Flying performance benchmark Jordan Super.Fly creates new vamp
basketball shoes technology will refresh the history of this summer, a new Jordan Super.Fly, once again enhance the performance of the benchmark shoes. The vamp adopts a new generation of Hyperfuse structure to provide good wrapping for both feet, and a plurality of hollowed through totem patterns on the vamp enhance the flexibility of the feet while retaining the air permeability through the application of a layer of mesh material. The cloth material of the fabric is seamless connected with the bottom of the groove along the interlayer of the sole, and the foot is made to be the perfect joint of the foot. In addition, the built-in Nike Zoom made the heel cushion unit and forefoot cushioning layer of Lunarlon material combination, regardless of what position on the field can provide a buffer of rapid response.

this summer, please pay attention to the new Super.Fly color scheme. The following color matching will start on July 14th at the retail store, which is priced at $1249.
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Berkeley super marathon scene

sina sports news is one of the ten most difficult marathons in the world. Berkeley's super marathon maintains 1 horror records. Since it was founded in 1986, only 14 runners have completed the competition.

, however, there are also true warriors -- Jared ·, Campbell, who was the only player to finish in April 2nd, and this victory made him the only runner to finish the event 3 times.

Berkeley marathon is considered to be the most challenging super horse in the world. Its place is in Frozen Head national park near Tennessee prison. The design was inspired by the assassination of Martin Luther King · · murderer James · Earl · ray jailbreak - in 1977 he escaped from brushy Mountain state prison most closely, but 55 hours only 8 miles (about 13km). Cantrell, who loved hiking, heard that "I can run at least 100 miles (about 161km)," and the event was born.
Berkeley super marathon site
in 30 years of competition, a total of 1200 people, and only 14 runners finished the match 17 times. Jared · Campbell completed 3 times, 2012, 2014 and 2016, respectively.

, a 36 year old Jared from Salt Lake City, is an endurance athlete. In Saturday's game, he finished five round matches at about 59 hours and 30 points. "The last 20 hours of downhill road is too hard." At the end of the day, he said excitedly, "it's fun. You have to adapt and come up with a way to move on, for example, with a cane."
game sceneAccording to
, the runner must finish 5 laps in the Frozen Head National Park, about 20 miles per circle (about 32.2km) and 12 hours a time. Unless the runners apply for a 40 - hour run of 3 laps, the time limit will be extended to 13 hours and 20 points. There is no road signs and supplies, run to grabble, and memorize the map.
elevation of more than 60000 feet (about 18288m) is a severe challenge to the 40 runners coming in each year.
Of the 8 women runners in
this year, 4 had finished 1 laps. But the 29 year old Eaton became Jeanne Lim · run only 7 women in the 2 circle.
Berkeley super horseCantrell, the founder of
, set a strange start for the match: starting from 11 o'clock on Friday night to 11 o'clock Saturday morning, he will notify the competition by blowing cones at any time. The runner needs to start in 1 hours. The 2 laps of runners can choose the starting direction of third, fourth laps, and the first runners who run the 4 lap can also choose where to run in the fifth lap. >

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